183: Filipina on the Rise and Creating a movement based on Passion & Purpose

by neeta bhushan


Quote: “We, as Filipinas, don’t have the attunement to process our emotions and we hold it in so much that we start to manifest disease in our body.”

Hey, loves! Welcome to a special replay episode of The Brave Table, where we’re excited to revisit and share an inspiring episode from the Filipinas On The Rise podcast hosted by the incredible Krystl Fabela. Today’s replay features empowering stories, insightful conversations on often overlooked topics of generational trauma, specifically within the context of being a child of Filipino immigrants, and a celebration of the strength and resilience of Filipina women.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Generational trauma and the importance of acknowledging and addressing this within the Filipino diaspora
  • What it truly means to live life on our own terms regardless of cultural background
  • How coming from a bi-racial background has paved my path in terms of life and relationships
  • Resilience as a double-edged sword as a Filipina woman born from immigrant parents   


Krystl is a Founder, Podcaster, Speaker and Producer with a passion for storytelling, tackling cultural “taboo” topics and for arts-activism for socio-economic justice. She was born in the Philippines and at a young age, immigrated to Canada and eventually to Southern California, identifying as a 1.5th Generation Immigrant. Growing up, she always noticed the lack of Filipino women representation in different industries: from media, to finance, tech, as well as their missing education: on their history, contributions, and their multifaceted narratives. While doing my undergrad at UC San Diego, she became involved in activism after facing a sexual violence and began to fight for policy reform and justice for other survivors. This kicked off her love for advocacy and people’s movements. After college, she followed her curiosity around innovation and tech and moved to San Francisco, leading engineering recruiting for several tech companies. She still noticed a lack of diverse representation, and was inspired to begin a Podcast that spotlighted Filipino who were at the top of their fields, and how they got there. Filipina on the Rise began and more importantly, a global movement of elevating Filipino women around the world.

Connect with Krystl:

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Discussion Question:

How has your background influenced your decisions and life choices?


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