184: Getting Real About Alcoholism, Learning in Isolation & Bringing Women Together with Mindy Hofmann

by neeta bhushan


Quote: “I learned that being honest and vulnerable, like sitting here talking to you like this, is how you can help people; because hopefully someone’s listening.”
– Mindy Hofmann

Do you know someone who has battled addiction, or alcoholism? Well, today we are braving how to support them, and learn from a certain women’s story how change and transformation is possible after hitting rock bottom. 

Mindy Hofmann, community leader and podcast host, and I were introduced by a mutual friend. Obviously, we have so much in common! She has had me in her hot seat, but it wasn’t until I had her in mine that I heard her truly dynamic story. Mindy shares her incredible journey from addiction to recovery, offering insights into the darkest moments of her life, how motherhood impacted both her fall and rise, and the transformation that led her to embrace authenticity and serve others. 

In this episode we talk about…

  • The distractions of the glamorous life growing up in Hollywood.
  • The hard truth of hitting rock bottom & coming to terms with addiction to alcohol. 
  • The power of healing through creativity, such as the performing arts.
  • The importance of sharing your personal story for yourself and for others.


Mindy Hofman is the founder of Women of Austin and the creator and host of The Women of Austin Podcast. Mindy is also the Vice President of the new Women of Austin Foundation, helping to support women in the community. She is a self-proclaimed women’s rights champion and strongly believes in the transformative power of women supporting women.

Mindy and her family moved to Austin, TX in 2017, where she faced important life decisions involving her going to rehab and getting a divorce. In the divorce, she lost her business and had to start over. While it was the hardest thing she ever did, it was the best thing that ever happened to her.

After some time and soul searching, Mindy realized that she had to follow her heart and find a way to bring women together to share their stories and create community, connection, and collaboration. So, after months of planning and encouragement from her friends, she created Women of Austin and the Women of Austin Podcast.

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Discussion Question: 

Have you ever faced a moment in your life where embracing your authenticity and sharing your story with others led to healing or positive change? How did that experience impact you and those around you?
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