2: Grace & Grit Description

by neeta bhushan


Okay there Brave Table fam – as a recovering perfectionist, I’m going to dive into some triggers today and how to give yourself permission to shift when necessary. 

Sometimes we tend to hold ourselves back if things aren’t quite ready and in this episode, I’ll share my very big initiation into my motherhood journey that taught me to fully surrender – what I learned from my birth experience leading up to it with my son, the differences with my daughter, and how you can take the steps needed to heal your past.  

Thinking of motherhood – as a type A queen of your life – I got you covered here. Yup, you can’t plan it all, and what happens when you allow yourself to grieve things not working out exactly as planned? We explore what it takes to loosen our grip on life and reframe our losses and fears as a means of expanding ourselves in ways we could have never imagined. 

We’ll also dive into some of the major lessons from my very first best-selling book, Emotional Grit, and learn how to master your emotions, change your thoughts and how to use Grit in your own life. 

Some of the juicy nuggets you’ll experience in this episode: 

  • Motherhood and birthing as a metaphor for change, initiation, and surrendering to the unexpected
  • Defining grit and learning more about my work around Grit from my very first book: Emotional Grit: 8 steps to mastering your emotions, changing your thoughts, and transforming your world. You can grab a copy here: emotionalgrit.com.
  • Having the grace to forgive yourself and heal your past
  • Reframing loss and fear and allowing yourself to grieve the loss of an ideal
  • Letting go of perfection and being able to surrender to the present moment
  • What happens when you let go of control, allowing yourself to stretch in ways you could never imagine 

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