3: Calling In Your Desires, And Owning It

by neeta bhushan


Fam, you’ve been saying how you’ve been feeling run down from the past two years and I HEAR YOU. But I also want to name all the beauty in what we’ve learned about the world and ourselves during this time. This type of change can be scary, but it also invites in so much abundance and opportunity for self-development.

I was on a call with some power entrepreneurs recently and was loving all the vulnerability I was feeling from those around me. We often show up at these events as bosses ready to share all these badass things about ourselves and keep things surface level. But people we’re cracking themselves open about how massive unprecedented growth (which, yay!) had them so focused on others that they were abandoning themselves (not so yay).

It got me thinking about how we can move through life with a softness and an openness to all possibilities and keep moving forward despite the unknowns during these unpredictable times. How can you make sure that you stay on track, stay focussed on the present moment, and not get too tripped up by what’s happening around you? 

I’m going to share with you my go-to ritual that I’ve been using for the past 8 years to keep calling in my desires with ease and grace and how you can use it, too, by setting intentions in the 6 main categories of your life. This burnout-free blueprint is your tool to harness your soul purpose and grow into the person you are becoming. 

Loves, if you’ve been feeling stuck in your manifesting and needing a reset, this is THE episode for you! Let’s keep working towards our goals WITHOUT getting completely run down and overwhelmed – there is a way!

Some of the juicy nuggets you’ll experience in this episode: 

  • Setting intentions in the 6 main categories of your life and creating daily rituals and practices to attune to the new level that you’re operating at
  • Reevaluting what we prioritize in our lives, the relationships we keep, and how we navigate the world
  • How to create more space, creativity, and freedom for your desires
  • How to DO less and PLAY more and harness the inspiration you need to take on your next project
  • Cutting out the clutter and prioriziting deeper relationships over metrics and analytics. 
  • Meeting your edge through mental health challenges and taking ownership of your own mental health and sanity
  • Digging deeper into your greatest gifts, your soul purpose, and being authentic about what you are sharing with the world
  • How much will you continue living in fear vs how much will you pivot and shift?

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