205: The Five Signs You Are Due For A Career Change

by neeta bhushan


Hey Brave Table Fam! Ever wonder how to know when it’s time to change career paths? In this episode, I explore the signs that may indicate it’s time to shift gears. We’re talking about five key indicators: a constant curiosity for learning new things, dedicating more time to personal projects, feeling a lack of excitement in current work, experiencing dread or mental health impact associated with work, and prioritizing passion projects over daily responsibilities. Does this sound like you? Join us in this space where we can all be a little more brave.

What you’ll get from this episode…

  • My personal experience as a cosmetic dentist and discovering the importance of aligning work with one’s soul’s calling for genuine fulfillment.
  • The stages of personal evolution and the pivotal moments that prompt individuals to reevaluate their career paths.
  • A reminder that you are constantly evolving and the importance of coming to terms with those changes.

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