204: Surviving Cancel Culture and Rising Above The Hate with Julia Mazur

by neeta bhushan


In this episode, we delve into the harrowing experience of facing online bullying after experiencing public humiliation and cancellation, exploring the journey from humiliation to resilience. Today’s guest, Julia Mazur, expresses vulnerability as she shares her personal story of overcoming her worst fear and finding her message through life’s messes. We’ll discuss strategies for building resilience, supporting others who have faced online bullying, and discovering the key secret that kept her going.

What you’ll get out of this episode…

  • Building resilience after humiliation the deep scars it can leave on one’s psyche, and the possibility to rebuild resilience in the aftermath. We focus on strategies and techniques for cultivating resilience, empowering individuals to bounce back stronger from humiliating experiences and reclaim their sense of self-worth.
  • Moving forward through adversity and how we respond to it determines our growth and development. We delve into the process of moving forward in the face of adversity, highlighting the importance of resilience, determination, and a positive mindset in overcoming life’s challenges.
  • Supporting others who have experienced online bullying and ways to provide meaningful support to those who have been targets of online bullying
  • Coping strategies for those affected by online bullying – For those directly impacted by online bullying, coping strategies are essential for managing the emotional toll it takes. 

Discussion Question:
How can we help each other overcome online bullying and find strength in difficult times?

Mentioned in the episode: Listen to That Sucked, Now What? With Dr. Neeta Bhushan on Pretty Much Done. by Julia Mazur

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