209: 3 things I learned during a fight (with my partner) & how to repair effectively

by neeta bhushan


Who’s the one that gets triggered? 

A relationship that never fights is one 

Ever fought with a loved one and you just wanted them to read your mind?

Or are you the stubborn, resistant one who gives the silent treatment? 

In this episode we are diving into conflict resolution with your partner

I’m going to share 3 tips today that will effectively help you

  1. Fight with love 
  2. Know your fight patterns
  3. Decipher what you need for repair 
  4. Ultimately how to begin repairing and reconciling… 

How do you fight? Or are you one of those couples that pride themselves on not fighting? 

marriage.com shares 13 reasons why fighting with your partner is healthy for relationships 

And we make stories in our minds about what that person is going through depending on how they are feeling… it can be a good experience or bad. It can be a layered one, mixed with other things associated with it. 

What you’ll get out of this episode… 

-Discover your communication style, understand fighting patterns, and identify key triggers to resolve conflict

-How self-awareness fosters accountability and builds a healthier connection.  

-Develop healthy communication skills in your relationships

-Uncover how personal healing and self-exploration contribute to intimate growth and deeper connection

-Personal growth through effective communication

-Learn active listening skills with empathy, understanding, and vulnerability

-Navigate romantic relationships and partnerships

-Parenting styles, fighting, and healthy communication

-How cultural nuances impact the way you express emotion, feeling, and conflict

-How to fight and repair with your partner effectively

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To learn more about the resources mentioned in this episode…

-“Fighting With Your Partner? Use These 4 Phrases.” NY times article“This is what I saw or heard.”  “This is what I made up about it.”  “This is how I felt.”  “This is what would help me feel better.”

-Terrance Real’s Book “Us” – Getting past you and me to build a more meaningful relationship and improve communication. Find it at https://terryreal.com/books/  

-The Gottman Institute a great resource for healthy foundations and training around conflict resolution in relationships. Discover more at https://www.gottman.com/

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