210: How to buy back your time, ADHD brains, and time management with Dan Martell

by neeta bhushan


Hello there Brave Table Fam! Welcome to an EXCITING episode with Wall Street best seller Dan Martell, author of wildly popular book, Buy Back Your Time.  What you may not know is that 

Dan at a very young age almost took his life, was in juvenile prison twice, and has now sold 4 companies, and has become one of the foremost experts, leaders, and mentors to entrepreneurs sharing his stories of self-doubt, personal responsibility, and production & efficiency. We also get into the difference in ADHD or neurodivergent brains and more…

What you’ll get out of this episode… 

  • Dan’s story of rising through addiction, while channeling purpose and helping thousands of people along the way.
  • Thriving in chaos; how internal chaos impacts success. Learn the impact of self-sabotage and its role on safety and the inner child.
  • Discover how you can connect with business as a catalyst for self-development, and explode productivity and creativity when pursuing what lights you up.
  • Navigate “mom guilt” when taking on new ventures and Buy Back Your Time to have more for the things and people you love.
  • Effectively manage your time as a mother using The Replacement Ladder and DRIP Method, Dan’s strategies for when to think vs. when to outsource. 

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