214: How Psychedelics and Sex Can Transform Your Relationship with Dr. Cat Meyer214

by neeta bhushan


In this transformative episode of The Brave Table, we dive into the realms of sex, psychedelics, and healing! Join Dr. Neeta in welcoming our guest Dr. Cat Meyer, who fearlessly shares her personal and professional journey through sex therapy and psychedelics. With warmth and candor, Dr. Meyer opens up about her own experiences with sexual trauma and the brave steps she took toward healing. Together, they explore LGBTQ issues, the impact of trauma, and the therapeutic potential of psychedelics like ketamine for fostering emotional connection and inner healing. Dr. Meyer’s enthusiasm underscores the importance of consent, safety, and seeking professional guidance when exploring psychedelics in intimate experiences. This conversation will leave you craving more, so let’s dive in!

In this episode… you’ll learn

-Dr. Kat Meyer’s background and journey into the field of sex therapy

-The connection between therapy, psychedelics, and facilitating breakthroughs.

-Ketamine, its stigma, and its potential in depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

-Couples’ therapeutic journeys 

-Enhancing sexual capacity: Safety, reverence, consent, and precaution

-Working with trauma-informed professionals and guides

-The emotional and physical impact of psilocybin, MDMA, and ketamine

-Considerations for Psychedelics and Relationships 

-Creating a Safe Environment for Psychedelic Experiences

-Enhancing Sexual Exploration, and Sensual Pleasure with Psychedelics

-Integration of Experiences and Relationship Enhancement 

-Accessing Pleasure and Sustaining Pleasure 

-Bravery and Personal Growth

-Deepening Partnership and Harmony 

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