213: The Truth Behind Postpartum Rage and Depression

by neeta bhushan


Get ready for the most honest discussion about postpartum emotions and motherhood. In this episode of the Brave Table podcast, Dr. Neeta addresses the often-overlooked struggles of motherhood, such as postpartum rage and depression. She shares her own experiences with these emotional challenges and critiques the societal pressures for mothers to maintain a facade of perpetual happiness. Dr. Neeta calls for a cultural shift to allow mothers to express their true feelings and seek support without stigma. The episode is a compassionate exploration of motherhood’s complexities, advocating for recognition, self-care, and community support for mothers navigating this intense life stage.

What you’ll get out of this episode… 

-Take an honest look at postpartum rage, depression, and the emotional challenges of motherhood.

-Explore the unrealistic expectations placed on mothers and why mothers would benefit from more understanding and compassion.

-Unpack the complexities of motherhood, including feelings of inadequacy and sacrifice

-Learn about the pressure society puts on mothers always to appear happy and put together.

-Discuss why it’s important to acknowledge and validate the range of emotions in motherhood.

-Discover why self-care is so important, why seeking help is essential, and how to build your village of community support.

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