35: Marine Selenee: Healing Your Inner Child & Family Relationship Dynamics Knowing It Didn’t Start With You.

by neeta bhushan


Hello Brave Table fam, and welcome back for another juicy episode with Marine Selenee. Marine is a New York-based Family Constellations facilitator, author, and speaker, and today, she’s going to talk with us about family lineage and its impact on your life.

We’re going to dive into all things ancestral, looking at how your story is shaped by the stories in your family’s past, examining the inner child and what he/she/they need to overcome their traumas, and how to take full responsibility for your healing so you can heal the generations to come. 

What you’ll get out of this episode… 

– What are your Family Constellations, and what they can tell you about how your life

– What is inner child work, and how you can start to do it

– How to take an honest look at whether you’re taking responsibility for your life, or if you’re blaming others

– How you transfer your family traumas to your partners

– What is generational trauma and what’s possible when you heal your family lineage

– How healing your relationship with your mom can make you more abundant, and with your dad, more confident

– Advice for getting started on healing your generational trauma 

– Exercises to revisit your childhood memories

Growing up in France, Marine didn’t know much about her family history beyond what was in front of her. Her father, in particular, was emotionally shut down. His past was a mystery—he didn’t know his own father, his roots, or his family—he felt like he didn’t know where he belonged. And, he ended up playing out the same pattern that HIS father did when he abandoned Marine and her family, first emotionally—and eventually physically when he disappeared from her life. 

Marine shares how examining your Family Constellations helps you make sense of all the relationships in your life. People often go to her and ask “What’s wrong with me?” But she asks in return—What if this is all so much bigger than just YOU, and just you’re just one piece of a greater story? And now, you have the chance to rewrite it. That’s when you can start to speak your truth, and that’s when you heal. 

If you loved this episode, make sure you check out… 

– Marine’s Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/familyconstellationsnewyork and her Instagram at ​​https://www.instagram.com/marineselenee; you can send her a DM if you want to connect and work with her 

– Get your FREE chapter of her book on her website https://www.marineselenee.com/book/ or buy it on Amazon ​​https://www.amazon.com/Connected-Fates-Separate-Destinies-Constellations/dp/140196205X 

– Listen to this episode on healing generational trauma https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/healing-generational-trauma-breaking-free-from-asian/id1608226580?i=1000553426419 

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