36: Garrain Jones: How to Awaken the Artist Within 

by neeta bhushan


Welcome back to The Brave Table. Today’s guest is Garrain Jones, a powerhouse coach, author, podcast host, and all-around defier of all odds. His incredible personal journey is one you don’t want to miss—from top of his game in the modeling & entertainment world to prison and homeless and in debt to ultimate freedom and multiple 7-figure businesses. Tune in to hear how he changed his mindset to change his life, manifest all of his deepest desires, and experience unshakable joy.

What you’ll get out of this episode….

– Why it’s so important to do the things that you loved and brought you joy as your child (and how they can help you in your manifestation)

– The power of your community and the impact and influence they have on your life

– Small shifts you can make that will lead to massive change and growth

– The six words that can change your life forever

– Three simple tips for completely transforming your life

– What it truly means to be free

– How to rewrite your story, create your reality, and call in your desires

– What is your inner artist, and how to unleash it

– Finding everything you need within you, not through external validation

– Actionable advice for anyone who is struggling or going through a hard time

Only a decade ago, Garrain was 32 years old with 200,000 dollars of debt to his name, a mother who was dying in the hospital, a daughter who disowned him, and a broken heart from recently being dumped by an ex. Not to mention, he had spent two years in prison and lived in his car. You could say—he was at his rock bottom. 

You maybe wouldn’t have guessed it, though; he looked like he was thriving—landing bigtime modeling gigs and features in music videos (a powerful reminder that what people present on the outside isn’t always a reflection of what’s going on behind the scenes). But, he didn’t love himself, and as he puts it, he was “but the closest thing to death in flesh form.”

Then, a chance encounter with a stranger changed his life. At a gas station, another man who was down on his luck asked Garrain for some money, to which he said to the guy asking that he likely had more money than he did. The stranger replied: “Change your mindset, change your life.” At that moment, Garrain decided he wanted to break free from the prison he had created within himself, take back his power—and full responsibility for his life. 

He started making small shifts to create unconscious habits and did the opposite of everything he had been doing before: he started to eat clean, exercise, revisit the things he loved as a child, and align himself with the right people. As a result, everything changed—he found his soulmate, stepped into his role as a father, and launched several successful businesses, but most importantly, he now teaches and empowers others to do the same by awakening what he refers to as the inner artist within. 

As you listen, I’d love for you to contemplate the small ways to find more freedom and joy in your life TODAY, no matter your current circumstance. What’s one small step you can take to turn it all around? 

If you loved this episode, be sure you check out…

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– Find him on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/garrain.jones/ 

– Grab a copy of his book https://www.amazon.com/Change-Your-Mindset-Life-Transformation/dp/1734155507  

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