39: Jenna Phillips Ballard: Second Chances at Life, Manifesting through Contrast, and Responsible Leadership

by neeta bhushan


Welcome back Brave Table fam for today’s episode with fitness queen, responsible leader, and master coach, Jenna Ballard Phillips. We get into all the juicy, and Jenna makes it a point to leave absolutely NOTHING off the table. She’s a firm believer that everything that happens in life happens FOR you, not TO you, and that every part of your story—the good, the bad, and the downright messy—deserves to be expressed. 

Jenna grew up feeling the need to overachieve as a way to find external validation and worthiness from her family and peers. This drive led her to become a super successful fitness trainer for celebrities (her client list included Ben Stiller, Katy Perry, and Saudi Arabian royalty), but she still couldn’t find the inner peace she desired. It wasn’t until a near-death experience that everything changed for her, and she started to rebuild her life from the inside out. 

Today, this mama of two is teaching others how to be leaders from a place of integrity alongside her husband at the Ascension Leadership Academy and guiding fellow ambitious women on how to harness the law of attraction to manifest the life of their dreams. 

If you’re moving though a challenging season, or feelings of unworthiness, or searching for inner peace, this is the episode for you. 

What you’ll get out of this episode…

– Hear Jenna’s stories of being molested at a young age, her near-death experience, and the lessons they taught her

– How experiencing contrast in life can be your greatest teacher

– What balance truly means, and how to achieve it

– The value of emotional intelligence in leadership

– How your thoughts can shape your life, and being careful about what you wish for

– What is the Law of Attraction and how you can manifest anything

– How to instill emotional intelligence in children

– Actionable advice for anyone who is going through a challenging season

– What you need to accept when you want to live a big, juicy, full life

– Healing your inner child and knowing that you are enough 

If you liked this episode, make sure you check out… 

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– The Ascension Leadership Academy https://pages.alaeq.com/ 

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