40: Being Brave in Putting Yourself out There, Even When Facing Rejection

by neeta bhushan


Hey fam, welcome back to The Brave Table for Solocast Friday. I shared with you all that I’m writing a new book, and it’s my first one with a publisher! I’m SO excited for you all to read it. 

We’re on the road to its release now, but I’m gonna get real brave and tell you that there were bumps along the way. In particular – rejection. Yup, a topic no one wants to discuss, and definitely one of the suckiest things to feel. 

But you know what? Nothing great happens without it. If you’re never getting rejected, it means you’re not putting yourself out there. It means the big, juicy, SCARY dream you have will never see the light of day because you’re too afraid someone will turn it down. 

Well, BT squad, I’m going to challenge you to face the possibility of being rejected, how to process all those crappy emotions that come with it, and how to find your resilience and pick yourself back up and pursue your passions without fear. 

Here’s just a taste of what we’ll get into today… 

– The stories of rejection from my life; leaving dentistry to start my consulting biz; and most recently, going through book deal rejections

– Using rejection as a way to activate your potential

– How your upbringing affects how you cope with rejection

–  How to get out of your comfort zone and break up your routine

– The value of networking when starting a new endeavor 

– Embracing the fear that can come with freedom 

– How to cope with rejection from your family members

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