4: What It Means to Be Brave

by neeta bhushan


Hey Brave Table squad, I have a question for you: what does it really mean to be brave? For this episode, I’m going all-in on what I think it means and why I decided to start a podcast about the topic. 

Being locked down during the pandemic created opportunities to get cozy with my quaranteam and have amazing discussions about the human experience. Around the world, people were finding new ways to connect, and it was incredible to see – but I started wondering why people weren’t going deeper with each other in their conversations? We collectively entered a new season of life, so why weren’t we diving into the nitty-gritty about the emotional intelligence, self-development, and straight-up BRAVERY required to face it? 

Asking what it means to be brave is going to be a throughline in all my conversations, and it’s because, in this day and age, I believe that we gotta start to get real curious, question our beliefs, open ourselves up to new ideas and perspectives and be willing to change our minds. To me, THAT is bravery. 

I’m going to invite you to examine where might you still be playing small in your life, and where you are still holding back. How can you stop dimming your light so you can bring your whole self to the table? As you listen, I would love for you to contemplate what being brave means to you and how you can start embodying your brave heart in your every day and let go of things that are causing a prison in your life. 

Some of the juicy nuggets you’ll experience in this episode: 

  • My bravest moments to date and why I feel it’s crucial to share our human stories
  • How to harness the power of being brave to show up as your authentic self as you approach new and unfamiliar stages of life
  • Navigating and understanding what it means to be human during challenging times 
  • Making peace with letting go of the old way of doing things and opening ourselves up to different ways of being
  • Honestly and courageously stepping into fear, even when you don’t have all the answers
  • How to prepare ourselves for a new frontier, learn more about ourselves, and welcome conversations with people who might not share our same perspective – without judgement
  • Standing up against those who want to silence you, share your truth, and be unapologetically you

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