41: Darrah Brustein: The Power of Real Connections, Using Mentorship as a Tool for Growth, Friendships, and Never-Ending Success

by neeta bhushan


Hey there Brave Table fam, thanks for joining me for today’s episode with Darrah Brustein. 

Darrah is a serial entrepreneur, networking guru, mindset coach, master interviewer, and writer for Forbes and Inc. She published a children’s book series on financial literacy called Finance Whiz Kids, has had her work featured in Time Magazine, CNN, Mashable (plus more), and has interviewed big-time names like Shaq, Seth Godin, Bobbi Brown, and Deepak Chopra—which she tells us all about in this episode. 

Darrah’s story is one of grit, resilience, and the power of what’s possible when you nurture your connections. Hear how her love of interviewing landed her a video series with the Deepak Chopra, the value of having a mentor (and tips on how you can find a mentor as iconic as Deepak), and the journey she had to take to find the success she has today. (Hint: it wasn’t always pretty, but she also shows us the importance of loving your low points as much as your highlight reel). 

As you listen, I invite you to reflect on your network and how you approach connecting with people who you admire. Are you keeping humanity in your interactions with others? How can you show up in relationships in a human way rather than focus on what you could get out of them? 

What you’ll get out of this episode… 

– How to properly connect with people and nurture your relationship

– The 5 types of mentorship and advice for finding the right mentor for you

– The keys to successful business building

– How to overcome your imposter syndrome

– Thinking back to your childhood for clues about your purpose

– Letting go of control over how your life will unfold

– The importance of keeping your connections human and not transactional

– Establishing your core values

– Taking your life, career, and success into your own hands

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