6: Ajit Nawalkha: On parenthood and being a father

by neeta bhushan


Hi loves! This is the second part of my conversation with my husband Ajit on moving into a new chapter of our lives as parents to Arie and Aiyla and how our children are our greatest teachers. 

We talk about the challenges of parenting during a move, a pandemic, and validating children’s feelings. With the birth of Aiyla and this being our second rodeo in the parenthood game, I ask Ajit how having a daughter has heightened his warrior-protector mode and if there’s one message he’d want our children to know – what would it be? 

We also dive into the rise of the matriarchy, open up about our fears and concerns about raising children in today’s world, our hopes for the future of humanity, and how we all get to choose the world we want to create for our kids. 

Plus, find out how we keep the SPICE in our lives outside of parenthood and keep date nights creative and inspiring!

Some of the juicy nuggets you’ll experience in this episode:

  • Seeing your kids as collaborators for your self-development and personal growth
  • Discovering new things about yourself through your interactions with your kids
  • Modelling behavior for your children through your routines and actions and creating life habits that involve your children
  • Prioritizing your health as a means to maintain your vitality and be present for your children throughout your life
  • The importance of recalibrating with time without kids and reserving time for intrigue and surprise
  • We wrap up with a fun and light igniting round where Ajit talks about his suckiest human moment and what he’s reading – his answer might surprise you!

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