7: Sahara Rose: Pursuing Your Dharma To Be Your Highest Self

by neeta bhushan


Hey Brave Table soul fam! I’m SUPER excited for you to tune in to this episode as I sit down with my dear friend, sister, Goddess, and co-founder of Dharma Coaching Institute, Sahara Rose. 

Sahara is the best-selling author of Discover your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose, the host of the Highest Self Podcast – the #1 spirituality podcast on iTunes – and has been proclaimed by THE Deepak Chopra as a “leading voice of the millennial generation into the new paradigm”. My girl has devoted the last decade of her life to raising the vibration of the planet and has empowered so many to discover their Dharma so that they can create conscious abundance, joy, freedom, and purpose in their lives. 

Sahara and I first bonded over our strict upbringings and how we navigated pursuing our calling – which definitely veered off the path our parents laid out for us! You have to hear her incredible story of how a health scare sparked her journey into understanding ayurvedic medicine and how she overcame what was expected of her in fierce pursuit of what she came to this earth to do. Oooof, it’s a story that hits you right in the feels. 

Last year, Sahara and I teamed up to create Dharma Coaching Institute. The Great Resignation and these massive world shifts we’re experiencing are providing an incredible opportunity for you to find your Dharma, reconsider the trajectory of your life, and ask yourself: “Am I living my truth? Why am I here? What are my gifts? What am I excited about?”

Are you somebody who is the advice-giver in your group – somebody who connects deeply and is always that person to count on? We’ll talk about what that could mean for you and how you can use your Dharma to create an expansive business from your gifts. 

Some of the juicy nuggets you’ll experience in this episode: 

  • How to recognize your gifts
  • Saying yes to challenging things as a catalyst for change in your life
  • What to do when your calling differs from the expectations your parents set out for you
  • Using daily self-care practices to give you more clarity in your life
  • How to discover your Dharma and how to know if you are on the path to your Dharma
  • How to have difficult conversations with your parents about your career, and what may happen at times with immigrant parents
  • When to pay attention to the challenges, roadblocks, and circumstances that could be a wake-up call for something better coming your way
  • How to take the first step towards your Dharma – even when it may not be the easiest, nor the sexiest
  • Dealing with rejection when it creates a mirror for all your fears
  • How we decided to join forces and build our mission of helping others in pursuing their purpose

Dive into discovering your Dharma by heading over to www.dharmacoachinginstitute.com or get access to a FREE masterclass where Sahara helps you discover your Soul’s Purpose: https://iamsahararose.com/masterclass

Follow Sahara at @iamsahararose on IG, and get connected with her #1 spirituality podcast at the Highest Self Podcast @highestselfpodcast 

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