61: Dorota Stańczyk: Radical Acceptance, Letting Go of Your Desires and (Re)Creating Yourself

by neeta bhushan


Brave Table fam, we’re unlocking some seriously mind-blowing insights today. Did you know that when you have a huge desire for something, you’re equally creating the energy of fear around not having it? What if the secret to receiving all that you long for, to fixing that relationship, to healing that health issue, is to accept your situation, love it, and then let it go? 

When you begin to let go of everything you believe about yourself — the good and the bad — and experience yourself in every moment, that’s when you start to align yourself with your truest desires instead of chasing them and ultimately pushing them away. 

My guest in this episode, Dorota Stańczyk, shows us the magic that’s possible when you choose this way of being, like radical self-love, mending family relationships, and healing physical disease, to name a few. 

Dorota is a cultivator of wellbeing, founder of the happiness app, @appii.app, and the author of her amazing book (Re)Create Yourself: Embracing Greater Self-Love To Unleash Your Potential. Dorota truly embodies what she (ever-so-eloquently) preaches. This is a seriously soul-stirring episode, fam. Dorota offers so much medicine for anyone going through a challenging time or ready to (re)create the next version of themselves and manifest their next juicy chapter. 

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll get out of this episode…

– Releasing self-judgment and breaking patterns

– How to understand your triggers as gifts

– Cultivating self-love and self-acceptance

– Healing rejection from family members

– Practicing acceptance of what is and learning how to let go 

– How emotional wounds can turn into physical manifestations and health issues

– How unresolved childhood wounds can play out in our adult lives

– Addressing your inner critic and self-abandonment

– The reason why your body creates disease and learning how to love your discomfort

If you loved this episode, make sure you…

– Grab a copy of Dorota’s book (Re)Create Yourself: Embracing Greater Self-Love To Unleash Your Potential

– Find her on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/dorotastanczykart/ and her website at www.dorotastanczyk.com 

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