62: All The Lessons I Learned Traveling to Europe with Family

by neeta bhushan


Hey Brave Table squad – I’m back for another solocast episode to give you the inside scoop on my recent family trip to Europe! Ajit and I were so lucky and grateful to reunite with our global fam in Estonia. But, of course, life had some plans of its own that seriously had us sayin’ #thatsuckednowwhat.

Tune in to find out what went down (mamas – you’ll definitely be able to understand my stress!), all the lessons I learned from the experience, and hear more about my upcoming book release, including my 4-part framework for building your resiliency when life throws you curveballs plus practices you can use today to work through those sucky human moments!

What you’ll get out of this episode… 

– More about my upcoming book, That Sucked. Now What? Check it out at thatsuckednowwhat.com.

– The four pillars that make up your Bounce Factor and how to strengthen yours (find out your Bounce Factor rating by taking my FREE quiz at bouncefactorquiz.com)

– Tips for traveling with young children 

– Where I traveled to in Europe and my favorite moments

– How to self-regulate when life gets overwhelming

– How to manifest what you need through surrender and letting go

– Why it’s essential to honor challenging feelings as much as the positive ones

– Feeling like enough as a mother and not trying to be perfect all the time

– And so much more. 

Don’t forget, loves – I created a super juicy and fun quiz for you to determine your Bounce Factor! How do you bounce back from life’s sucky moments? How strong is your audacious resiliency? Find your archetype and what you can do to strengthen your “bounciness” with my FREE Bounce Factor quiz! Get it at bouncefactorquiz.com and share with me what you got – I’d love to know!

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Thanks for tuning BT squad, see you next time!


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