64: Why I Decided To Write My New Book That Sucked. Now What?

by neeta bhushan


Alright, Brave Table fam, I announced last week that I’ve been working on my fourth book, That Sucked. Now What? In this episode, I share the journey of birthing this book, why I wrote it and why it came to be during this season of life, and everything I hope for you to get out of it… like dealing with rejection and trusting the diving timing of your life, transitions and being brave to suck at something new, and how to show up as your most resilient self, no matter what life throws your way—plus so much more!

I’m so nervous and excited and just feeling ALL. THE. FEELS. about sharing it with all of you! Thank you for being here on this journey with me; it’s really been a labor of love for YOU. 

Here’s what you’ll get out of this episode… 

– How creativity changes pre/post motherhood and the chaos and magic that comes with it and other new seasons of life

– How to confront your sucky moments with grit & resilience 

– Giving others permission to suck, make mistakes, not be afraid to fail & try something new

– Strengthening your Bounce Factor and what it means to Fly Forward into your next chapter

– Being unapologetically yourself and speaking your voice

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Loves, before you go, wanna know what your Bounce Factor is during tough and intense life moments?  Check out how resilient you are with this fun and quick quiz at bouncefactorquiz.com.


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