63: Taryn Southern: How To Navigate Seasons of Unexpected Life Transitions

by neeta bhushan


Sometimes, life hits you all at once. It’s challenging enough to go through ONE sucky human moment, find the courage to face it, and learn how to fly forward. But when it seems like all the suck is piling on at once, some heavy-duty healing has to happen. Going on that healing journey is no joke, but it’s necessary. And wow, Brave Table fam, there’s no one better to exemplify the strength needed to do it than my guest today, Taryn Southern. 

Taryn is an award-winning artist, storyteller, and strategist whose work explores the intersection of emerging technology and human potential. Her stunning roster includes being an early YouTube creator, TV host, filmmaker, director, AI enthusiast, and angel investor in emerging technologies, often related to innovations in health care. 

Taryn’s first foray into entertainment began at 17 when she competed in the semi-finals of American Idol. In 2007, after obtaining degrees in journalism and anthropology, Taryn uploaded her first video onto YouTube. Ten years and 750 million views later, this early YouTuber produced more than 1500 internet videos, sold series to networks like MTV, DirecTV and Maker Studios, acted in sitcoms on FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, and Comedy Central, hosted shows for Discovery Channel, Vh1, G4, and Facebook, and produced digital campaigns for companies like Marriott, Today Show, Snapchat, and ATTN. Her first directorial debut for her film, I AM HUMAN premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in 2019 and won 4 “best feature” awards. 

The first time I met Taryn, she bravely cracked herself open in front of a room full of strangers and told us about her recent (at the time) stage 3 cancer diagnosis. 

In this conversation, she doesn’t hold back, either. Taryn bares her soul as she shares with us her experiences with breast cancer and the healing journey she embarked on—all while going through a breakup, coping with a painful loss, and moving to a new home. 

What you’ll get out of this episode… 

– Different modalities to try on your own healing journey

– Why you can’t put off confronting your pain

– Rituals and routines to provide comfort during challenging times

– How tough times and sucky human moments help build your resilience

– The value in being vulnerable and honest with those around you

– Experiencing duality and how conflicting emotions can be true at the same time

– The different stages you might experience on a healing journey

– And so much more

If you loved this episode, make sure you check out…

– Taryn’s website at https://tarynsouthern.com/ and on Instagram @tarynsouthern

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