72: How to Build Resilience and Master Personal Growth Through Your Relationships with Dr. Neeta Bhushan

by neeta bhushan


There’s a lot of talk about self-development and personal growth, and if you’ve been following me for a while, you know how important these topics are to me.

But loves, there is only so much we can do ourselves. One of the greatest teachers for our growth is our relationships. Yes, relationships of all kinds, but today I’m going to talk specifically about romantic partnerships and how they serve as a mirror for us to become the bravest, most resilient versions of ourselves. 

In this episode, I walk you through my Bounce Factor framework (ICYMI, listen to the episode where I talk about the Bounce Factor: “How to Build Your Audacious Resilience When Things Don’t Go As Planned”) and how to apply it to romantic relationships. I’m going to lead by example and share how my husband Ajit and I do this in our relationship and share some of the tools we use when things get sticky – because despite what things may look like on the outside, no relationship is perfect!

Here’s a taste of what you’ll get out of this episode…

– How to use your relationship as a catalyst for your own growth (and growth with each other)

– How to be intentional with your relationships (and what Ajit and I were intentional about when we first got together)

– A simple tool to use with your partner when you get into disagreements

– How to be proactive instead of reactive in your relationship

– How to embody what you seek from your partner

– And so much more juicy goodness

Other things to check out that I talk about in this episode….

– Get your FREE copy of the Intention Setting Planner that Ajit and I use to hit our relationship goals at https://globalgrit.co/eyl/ 

Us by Terrence Real

– Episode 68: 8 Ways to Build Your ‘Good’ Daily Stress

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