73: Why People Cheat, Calling In Your Partner, and Healing Through Relationships with Stefanos Sifandos 

by neeta bhushan


Relationships are one of the most important aspects of our lives. They have the power to help us grow, heal, learn and discover so much about ourselves. They also have the ability to crush us. Relationships can magnify our greatest fears. They mirror the parts of ourselves we’ve neglected or ignored. They can leave us feeling so vulnerable and heartbroken when someone leaves us, cheats on us, or doesn’t live up to our expectations. But! When we strive to understand relationship dynamics better so we can BE better in our relationships, absolutely everything changes.  And there is no one better to dive into this topic than with my guest in this episode, Stefanos Sifandos.

Stefanos is the co-founder of MPOWERED Brotherhood and Elementum Coaching Institute. He has worked with thousands of people from all over the world: Elite Special Forces soldiers, Olympic Gold Medalists, high-performing CEOs and entrepreneurs, world champion fighters, couples wanting to deepen and/or heal their relationship, and individuals with mental health issues—all in the name of helping others to actualize the fullness of their potentiality and relate consciously to each other with authentic love.

Here’s some of the juicy goodness we get into in this episode… 

– The psychological reason for infidelity—why do people cheat? 

– Identifying childhood wounds as triggers in your adult life—how do these wounds define your core values? 

– Tapping into your desires in relationships—-do you know what you truly desire? 

– How to meet a partner, and when you meet someone, how you should approach them 

– Finding your creative expression—how to get into a state of flow

– And so much more.  

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