81: Taking Ownership of Your Life, Your Sh*t, and Your Stories with Danielle Gertner

by neeta bhushan


Even though you’re not always responsible for what happens to you in your life, you ARE responsible for how you react to what happens and how you own it. Taking radical responsibility for your circumstances — no matter how sucky and unfair they may seem — is not always easy. But my guest in this episode of The Brave Table, Danielle Gertner, shows us how ownership leads to ultimate self-mastery and taking charge of your life, and why it’s always worth it. 

Danielle Gertner is an Ownership Coach, expert community builder, and podcast host who is on a mission to unlock the world’s radical confidence with her signature Own Your Shit™️ method. She uses a unique blend of neurolinguistic programming, hypnosis, trauma-informed somatics work, story work, and primal play to help her clients make soul-shifting transformations that last a lifetime. With nearly 10 years of experience as a self-mastery mentor, habit and mindset expert, movement coach, and professional hype woman, Danielle has guided hundreds of clients to achieve breakthroughs and unimagined levels of confidence in short periods. 

Danielle is also an emcee, workshop facilitator, host, and speaker for TEDx events, HYROX – a worldwide fitness competition, and several high school and collegiate leadership conferences. Danielle is also the co-founder of Warrior Women ATX – the largest workout community for women in Austin.

Here’s a taste of what we get into in this episode…

– Why ownership is the key to changing your entire life

– How to channel your pain into purpose 

– How grief can be a compass to guide your life

– How to use language to rewrite stories and shift limiting beliefs

– How to stop people-pleasing and start self-pleasing

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