83: How to Step Into the Best Version Of Yourself Before Becoming a Mama with Melissa Ambrosini

by neeta bhushan


Stepping into motherhood is not something we always consciously think about and act on. If you’re embarking on the journey, you’ve obviously given it some thought, but are you taking the necessary actions to embody the best version of yourself so that you can be the best parent possible? This episode of The Brave Table is for anyone trying to conceive, contemplating motherhood but not sure if it’s the right time, or looking for a different perspective on their parenting game. With my guest, the magical Melissa Ambrosini, we discuss preparing your mind, body, and soul for one of life’s most challenging yet beautiful journeys. 

Melissa Ambrosini is the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, Open Wide, PurposeFULL, and Comparisonitis, the host of the top-rated podcast The Melissa Ambrosini Show, a keynote speaker, and entrepreneur. Named a ‘self-help guru’ by Elle Magazine, her mission is to inspire others to unlock their full potential and live their dream life. 

With a deep commitment to empowering others to become the best version of themselves, Melissa believes that transformation is possible for everyone. She strives to inspire others to reclaim their power, step into their truth, live with intention, and move in the direction of their dreams.

What we get into in this episode… 

– Learn about Melissa’s NEW Wholy Mamaprogram

– What is conscious conception?

– How to show up for other moms 

– Why conception is a spiritual journey 

– How to find your community during pregnancy and find support

– Modeling self-love and healthy habits for your children

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– This is the book Melissa mentions, The Postnatal Depletion Cure

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