84: Celebrating Womanhood, Sisterhood, and Owning Total Body Beauty with Desi Bartlett

by neeta bhushan


I’ve been talking a lot lately about how you need a support posse in your life – that crew that just *gets* you. They see you, they are there for you no matter what, and they are by your side throughout your ups and downs, your seasons of contraction and your expansion phases. And ladies, it is especially important to have gal pals in that posse! We are each other’s strongest advocates and when we lift each other up, we are unstoppable! My guest today is all about empowering women to be strong from the inside out through all transitions of life (AND fun side note, she was my prenatal yoga instructor when I was pregnant with Arie!) — the beautiful and magnetic, Desi Bartlett.  

Desi has been teaching health and wellness for over 25 years. Her innovative approach to teaching is to tap into one’s inner joy and let movement be an outer expression of that state. Desi’s inspiring and unique classes have been featured on networks such as ABC, NBC, FOX, Univision, Hallmark, and Lifetime. She has a diverse background in many areas of Fitness & Yoga and has worked as a product director for Gaiam, the group fitness manager for Equinox Santa Monica, and most recently working in a dual role as an executive and global ambassador for Manduka yoga. In her new book, Total Body Beautiful: Secrets to Looking and Feeling Your Best After Age 35, she focuses on helping women through every chapter of life, including pregnancy, new motherhood, premenopause, and menopause. 

Here’s what we go into in this episode… 

– The importance of uplifting the women around you

– The shame that women experience around the changes as we mature during different stages of womanhood, from periods to postpartum in pregnancy to menopause

– How we can support other women and uplift each other in our lives

– How to be more honest in your conversations 

– Actionable advice on how to start practicing boundaries

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