9: Marisa Peer: On being enough & healing childhoood wounds

by neeta bhushan


Hello, loves! This is a BIG episode as I sit down to chat with a woman I’ve admired for a long time, Marisa Peer. Marisa is a globally acclaimed therapist, author, speaker, and founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), an award-winning technique that combines NLP, CBT, psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy for deeply powerful results. So much so, that she’s taught it as a self coaching tool to rapidly shift your life! 

Marisa Peer has been the guide for me in motherhood and the person who jump-started my interest in hypnotherapy. She’s not only worked with some of the biggest celebrities, olympic athletes, royalty, heads of states, politicians, and rockstars: from hollywood to bollywood, but she’s an author of many books including her newest release, Tell Yourself A Better Lie, which is out on amazon. Through her events, trainings and workshops globally she has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands.

We’ll dive into how to be more present with yourself, have more compassion in motherhood as well as how to reparent yourself. Most of Marisa’s work deals with helping you heal your inner child, as much of our core beliefs and meanings we make in our lives are formed from our interactions and the love we desired from our caretakers. This is SO powerful. 

We also go through the origin story of Marisa’s ‘I am enough’ movement, why it is SO important to be mindful of your actions, words, and behaviors with yourself, and how to heal your past. 

Whether you’re a mama now or a mama to be or a boss looking for insights from an absolute queen of personal transformation and growth, you definitely will NOT want to miss this conversation. 

Some of the juicy nuggets you’ll experience in this episode:

  • Being in the right mindset to experience joy in the birthing process, not fear and dread
  • Reparenting yourself & healing your inner child. 
  • Navigating your new identity as a mama, how to rediscover yourself, and mothering without guilt
  • How to balance your love for your child with your own dreams and ambitions
  • Raising children in this digital era – where do we place boundaries?
  • Childhood development – not expecting so much of your children, including them in their decision-making, and giving them more power
  • The 4 pillars of Marisa’s Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and how to use them for personal growth and self-development
  • Learning how to process and transmute your emotions when you’re having BIG feelings and avoiding self-sabotage
  • Reframing your life to what happened to you instead of what’s wrong with you

Get connected with Marisa Peer and her work here: marisapeer.com. Learn all about becoming an RTT therapist here at rtt.com 

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