8: Creating Routines & Morning Rituals That Work For You

by neeta bhushan


Hey fam! Welcome to another episode of The Brave Table. In today’s episode, I’m pulling back the curtain to give you a behind the scenes look at a day in the life of a mamapreneur with 2 kids (both under 3 years old, eeeek). So many people often ask me – how do you do it all? And even though a lot of my life is online, what actually goes on in my home is something I usually keep pretty private. Well, not anymore, my loves! I’m going practice the bravery I preach and invite you in to all the messy and magical of a day in my household. 

My hope for you in this episode is that you’ll learn how to prioritize the precious time that you DO have during this season of your life. We’re often so caught up in what we DON’T have (trust me – I have been guilty of this too!). BUT – I’d love for us to shift our focus to be on what lights us up, what we’re grateful for, and the tiny wins we experience throughout our day to create more juicy and expansive moments. 

And for those days where we just don’t get it all done, despite our best intentions, how can we not have guilt about it and instead feel radical self-love and celebrate all the things that we did accomplish? How can we redefine certain practices that may seem daunting, turn them into something nourishing, and allow ourselves to shift and change as needed? PLUS, find out what I used to take for granted and what’s been medicinal for me during this season, and best practices for creating your biggest year yet for self-development, wellness, and personal growth.

Some of the juicy nuggets you’ll experience in this episode:

  • Identifying your non-negotiable rituals, & routines that give you life!
  • How to find joy in the small wins throughout sometimes stress-FULL days
  • Making peace with and savoring the season that you’re in
  • Ensuring that you’re being intentional with the time that you do have what you do with it
  • How to find clarity in prioritizing what’s important in your life through gratitude and setting yearly intentions (to help you get started – grab your free Elevated! Intention-Setting Planner at www.globalgrit.co/eyl)

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