202: Here’s Why Chasing After Happiness Can Be Burning You Out with Melissa Ruiz

by neeta bhushan


Hey, Brave Table fam! Ever struggle to take that first step? Then you’ll LOVE this conversation. In today’s episode, we explore the intersection of money trauma, spiritual calling, and embracing authenticity with our special guest, Melissa Ruiz. Melissa is the visionary behind Melissa Ruiz Empowerment, a soulful business coaching platform dedicated to guiding mystical offbeat entrepreneurs toward success through a spiritually universal lens. She shares her courageous voyage from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, driven by a profound spiritual calling – think, leaving her six-figure New York City job to embark on a more soulful and spiritually fulfilling path as an entrepreneur. 

What you’ll get from this episode…

  • Delving into the shadows of money trauma, we explore its impact on our perception of wealth, success, and self-worth
  • The mystical calling that led Melissa to transition from a corporate environment to entrepreneurship, and the transformative power of aligning with one’s true purpose
  • Guided by intuition and inner wisdom, Melissa offers practical insights for listeners seeking alignment with their true selves
  • Through triumphs and challenges, she emphasizes the vital role of self-acceptance and love in fostering community and empowerment

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