203: Chasing Happiness: The Danger of Seeking Fulfillment in the Wrong Places with Dr. Neeta Bhushan

by neeta bhushan


Hey, Brave Table fam! In today’s episode, we discuss the controversial dangers of seeking external validation – speaking from personal experiences and societal observations. Reflecting on my journey of self-marriage in Bali (read as my Eat, Pray, Love moment), I learned the importance of prioritizing self-love. From the impact of social media detox to the pitfalls of chasing external validation, I explore the significance of setting boundaries and valuing our worth. Ultimately, I encourage listeners to embrace authenticity and self-love, urging them to prioritize their well-being over societal pressures.

What you’ll get from this episode…

  • Learning about the concept of higher energy and manifesting abundance, contrasting it with a scarcity mentality
  • How cultivating a mindset of abundance, rooted in self-love and worthiness, can lead to manifesting positive outcomes in life
  • How taking breaks from social media can lead to heightened awareness of the present moment and deeper connections with oneself and others
  • That true self-love eliminates the need for external validation – when individuals genuinely love themselves, they no longer rely on others to affirm their worth and value.

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