129: How to Reverse Aging and Optimize Your Health with Tracy Duhs 

by neeta bhushan


“There’s living, coherent, structured water that’s naturally mineralized, aerated, and hydrogenated with messaging that’s healing our bodies… And there’s incoherent, dissonant, dead water. Not all water is made the same.”

In today’s episode, we talk about:

  • Not All Water is Made the Same
  • How Your Water Communicates With You
  • How to Change the State of Your Water
  • The Best Morning Routine
  • The 9 Pillars for Thriving Health
  • And so much more!

Tracy believes that optimal health is a fundamental right for all humanity, not just a privilege for a select few.

Helping people activate their vitality and feel alive has been Tracy’s lifelong mission. Growing up in a missionary home cultivated her profound sense of compassion and her desire to educate on the simple foundations needed to look and feel our best.

After pursuing a PhD in biogenetics and working with her daughter’s Hashimoto’s thyroid and alopecia universalis, Tracy became passionate about hydration as she learned the power hydration has to transform overall health and wellness in all people. Today, Tracy works as a modern wellness advocate specializing in the restorative powers of intelligent hydration.

Tracy is the founder of the Sanctuary Wellness Experience in San Diego and co-founder of Hydrate at the Sanctuary.

Loves, you’ll adore this episode as you learn all about what magic the right water unlocks in our lives, and what proper hydration is actually about. Dive in and enjoy!

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