148: Stepping Out of the ‘Good Girl Box’ From Pole Dancing, Pleasure-seeking, to Full Sensuality & Embodiment with Sheila Kelley

by neeta bhushan


You are in for a spicy treat, loves! I had the juiciest heart-to-heart with Sheila Kelley, the visionary founder of S Factor. We dove deep into embracing sensuality and reclaiming the feminine, a journey Sheila so beautifully embodies. Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of attending The S Gathering in Las Vegas and just knew I had to have her on to share her knowledge with all of you.

Sheila EXUDES genuine passion and wisdom, and invites us all to reclaim the most sacred parts of ourselves through her teachings. So, tap into her infectious, transformative energy and prepare yourselves to let the “good girl” out of the box. Because, it’s time for us to celebrate our bodies, emotions, and desires with more authenticity, grace, and unapologetic joy!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Embracing sensuality by unlocking the power of emotions in reclaiming your feminine essence.
  • Savoring the slow to find presence and healing in a fast-paced, unforgiving world.
  • Recognizing self-connection and self-expression as keys to empowering your relationships and achieving fulfillment.


S Factor® founder, author, actress, and body whisperer, Sheila Kelley, pioneered a feminine movement revolution, launching a brave new practice into a very masculine world two decades ago. 

Her own soulful journey is a passionate, personal, and scientific study of the feminine body, soul, and purpose. Sheila has been featured on TEDx, Ellen, Mind Valley, Tony Robbins, and Oprah, and is a regular speaker on stages across the world where she is the go-to authority for feminine empowerment, healing and discovery. 

Since beginning her work and study into the connection between feminine vitality and physiology, Sheila’s vision has been constant: A world in which women are deeply connected to their soulfully erotic selves and are able to express every aspect of who they are, freely.

Her mission is to lead women on a journey that takes them into the unseen depths of their feminine power through total embodiment. Working with Sheila can be as elementary as exploring and celebrating the shape of your body, or as potent as healing the parts of your body and soul that others (or even you) have shut down. With each and every experience, the goal is the same: To awaken you to your deepest truths and unleash your most radiant potential. 

Sheila believes that it is every woman’s birthright to be viscerally aware of her uniquely alluring and sensual nature. Through this awareness comes the Epic Love for which we all search. It took Sheila too many years of struggle and strife to find and learn how to nurture her Epic Love. With this invaluable insight, Sheila guides women into a deep state of sensual and erotic fullness – because when you have allowed your body and life to reach their most radiant potential, your Epic Love will flow toward you as effortlessly as water flowing downstream.

Her carefully crafted approach is born from her experience of ballet, movement physiology, and anatomy at NYU’s Tisch School of Arts, as well as her exploration of women’s studies, psychology, and female neurology. Sheila is also a certified TRE provider.

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Discussion Question:

How can we create safe spaces and supportive practices that allow women to embrace and express their audaciously authentic, fully embodied selves without shame or judgment?

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