157: Signs of a Dysregulated Nervous System & How to Regulate

by neeta bhushan


The end of summer signals the start of school and changes that require flexibility during the  transition. It’s hard to get everyone on board. In this episode, I get real about my own experiences as a mother and the challenges of parenting, particularly during times of stress. The overwhelm and exhaustion felt by moms, dads, and kids alike are signals of the body’s need for restoration. No one is immune from a dysregulated nervous system. Everyone deserves to regain balance and calm.

In this episode I talk about…

  • Seeking comfort through activities like binge-watching, aimless scrolling, or turning to food or alcohol.
  • Recognizing the body’s need for compassion through rest and self-care.
  • Teaching children valuable skills for managing their own emotions and stress.
  • Creating healthy rituals to regulate the nervous system and connect as a family.

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Discussion Question:

How do you recognize the signs of a dysregulated nervous system in your own life, and what are some effective ways you’ve found to regulate and restore balance?

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