169: Solo –  How to Be Brave at Sucking at Something New

by neeta bhushan


Hello, Brave Table fam! I’m Dr. Neeta, your host. In this episode, I want to celebrate the fall season and my fitness journey. I’ve always been passionate about health and fitness, which started with marathons and triathlons. Fitness was my meditation, my connection to the divine. Learn more about my personal journey of rediscovering fitness and adapting to new challenges as a mother of two – the significance of setting clear goals, seeking accountability, and fostering internal strength and growth. 

In this episode I talk about…

  • The decision to take on a new fitness challenge and work with a personal trainer and embracing micro-workouts as a busy individual.
  • The realization that consistent commitment and clear goals were key to success, as well as the significance of challenging oneself and seeking accountability.
  • Pilates, boxing and getting a DEXA scan to measure progress- and what I learned! 
  • The need to avoid stagnation by continuing personal growth this upcoming winter season

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What is a recent challenge or change in your life that you’ve embraced, and what insights have you gained from it? How do you maintain accountability in your personal development journey? Share your experiences and strategies with the Brave Table community.

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