189: Honoring Your Mental Health with the Millennial Therapist Dr. Sara Kubric

by neeta bhushan



“I think we’ve weaponized mental health as well, to an extent. Like, it’s become a thing we talk about or say as a way to avoid responsibility sometimes. And that’s what I don’t love. And, you know, that does that’s so disrespectful to individuals who are genuinely struggling.”
–Dr Sara Kuburic

Who are you really when you struggle with your identity and face your truths? As a child of immigrant parents and navigating trauma, Sara opens up on the profound insights that led her to where she is today. She also gives a sneak peek into her new book, which is the guide we all needed growing up. Dr. Sara doesn’t hold back as she discusses what ‘self-loss’ really means and how it silently pervades our daily lives. Ever felt lost in decision-making or disconnected from your own body? You’re not alone, and this episode is about to change the way you think about these struggles. 

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Understanding self-loss and how it manifests in everyday life
  • Exploring what it’s like to be an immigrant and how it impacts personal identity
  • Asking “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” as it relates to your journey to self-discovery.
  • Dr. Sara’s approach to mental health and insights from her book, “It’s On Me”


Dr. Sara Kuburic is an esteemed existential psychotherapist, renowned for her person-centered approach, grounded in existential analysis, somatic, and experiential techniques. She holds a doctorate in Psychotherapy Science from Sigmund Freud University in Vienna and specializes in moral trauma, identity crises, existential questions, and relationship issues.

As the founder of the popular Instagram account @Millennial.therapist, Dr. Kuburic has become a significant voice in modern psychotherapy. Her work focuses on guiding individuals through feelings of loneliness, unfulfillment, and the traps of self-sabotage and poor decision-making. She emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance and taking responsibility for one’s actions and decisions.

Dr. Kuburic’s approach is centered around confronting and embracing the various facets of one’s self, even those that may be challenging to accept. By addressing the critical questions of “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”, she aids her clients in taking ownership of their journey towards self-realization and fulfillment. Her unique blend of personal development, healing arts, and business strategy has empowered hundreds of thousands globally, leading them to transformative change from the inside out.

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Discussion Question

How do you navigate honoring your mental health while managing the expectations and cultural nuances of being a child of immigrants?

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