212: How to Write Your Messy Story & Turn It Into a memoir & book with Award Winning 3x Yale Author Mary Adkins 

by neeta bhushan


Come along on a journey of creativity and inspiration with Dr. Neeta and the incredible Mary Adkins, a former tenured lawyer, turned celebrated author and writing coach, as she shares her brave tale of ditching the norm to chase her wildest dreams. Together they dive into the joy of following your passions, the importance of nurturing your creative spirit, and the transformative power of storytelling. This episode is packed with nuggets of wisdom about the creative process that will leave aspiring authors ready to embrace their writing adventure!

What you’ll get out of this episode…

  • Learn about career transitions as Neeta and Mary highlight the importance of fulfillment and their journeys toward a greater calling
  • Discover how creativity can be a guide to support your writing process 
  • Explore how permission can build confidence and validate big passionate leaps
  • Take a glimpse inside the world of a writing coach, and inside the world of publishing, and discover resources, tips, and methods to reach new heights

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