75: Redefining the Modern Family and Transitions Before Motherhood with Taylor Lou Nations

by neeta bhushan


Every day, you can choose to start preparing for the life you want. Even when it hasn’t taken physical form… yet! And what’s even better is that you get to decide how you do it — on your terms. By making micro shifts in your current life and embodying the vision you hold for your future, you start to call in the highest version of yourself; you also take the lead and show others what’s possible for them, too. 

Sounds amazing, but how do you do it? My guest in this episode, Taylor Lou, shares how she is transitioning into motherhood before it’s fully come to fruition. You could apply her same practice to anything in your life — whether it’s your career or getting ready for your future partner.  

Taylor Lou is a certified Image Consultant and Business Mentor specializing in supporting

powerhouse fempreneurs to reinvent themselves from the inside out and sustainably scale their

online business. She has been an online entrepreneur since 2014, starting two successful

online businesses before the age of 25. Her signature process of personal, brand, and business

reinvention guides her clients to become a thought leader in their industry by gaining clarity on

their most natural essence, magnetic message, and embodied medicine. She has helped

hundreds of female entrepreneurs to make more money and grow their impact across many

different online industries. Taylor Lou is a master-level trained NLP Practitioner, Life and

Success Coach, and Hypnotherapist with a passion for personal growth and spirituality.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll get out of this episode… 

– How to make intentional changes to create the future you want

– Redefining leadership and how to lead in your family 

– Question prompts for bringing your loved ones closer together

– How to tap into your feminine essence and take time to play

– How to reinvent yourself at any stage of your career and life

– Examining what it means to be a modern woman and redefining the female leader

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